New Tires For Winter – An Intro

If you have lived very long in the northern part of the United States, you have probably spent a lot of time learning about what makes a good winter tire. Whether you have just bought a little light-weight sports car, or a heavy SUV, check out the tires and make sure they will give you good service for winter’s snowy and icy roads. You think that those all-weather tires are sufficient for winter’s hazardous road conditions. Don’t find out the hard way that you are wrong! If you are looking for quality Tires Cannon Falls MN than find our dedicated Auto Repair Services Cannon Falls MN shop. Also meet our Tire Service Cannon Falls MN mechanic for your vehicle’s safety.

Ask your tire repair specialist for advice about the right type of winter tires for your vehicle and driving conditions. Snow tires with their deep tread and wider profile can make all the difference in feeling safe on a snowy, slick road. In fact, you may wish you could use those new tires all year long. The ride is smoother and quieter. Of course, that’s not possible. Snow tires are for winter driving, all-weather ones are for the rest of the year. The difference is that all-weather tires have a tendency to harden in lower temperatures causing less traction between the road and the car you’re driving. Think of them like tennis shoes, you can wear them all year but they are not always the best choice when it’s slippery. Snow or winter tires use special rubber compounds that stay pliable in the cold, causing them to grip better and improve braking, even in extreme conditions. Think of them like boots with really deep tread and softer, more flexible soles. Your tire specialist will more than likely recommend that you invest in two sets, one for winter and one set for the rest of the year. Both sets will last a long time because you will switch them out twice a year.