All about Tires

If you are also confused about whether you should get nitrogen or regular old airin your tires, you’re not alone. While nitrogen has some scientific advantages over air, it’s still a subject for debate whether the average driver will benefit from using nitrogen.


Air is almost universally available at a reasonable cost. Any service station or tire dealer will inflate your tires for free. Nitrogen is a different story. In many places, nitrogen is simply not available. Where available, it costs $5 – $7 per tireand $70 – $180 for a complete nitrogen upgrade.


Tires have microscopic pores through which any air leaks. Nitrogen has larger molecules than air and will not move out as easily as air. This will keep the tire pressure intact longer.


A drop in tire pressure increases the rolling resistance of your tires, which causes the decrease in your gas mileage. Neither nitrogen nor air seem to have an advantage in fuel economy.


Air contains oxygen that can retain moisture inside your tires and damage them. on the other hand, is an inert, dry gas. Pure nitrogen can prevent premature tire aging and wheel corrosion due to internal moisture.


Vehicles that subject tires to extreme conditions benefit from nitrogen. Use of allows better control over tire pressure as tire temperature increases. With dry nitrogen, the effects of moisture are eliminated and the tires also run cooler, which is especially important for a formula 1 car and heavy vehicles.


Nitrogen shows some technological advantages over air for tire inflation. Nitrogen could be beneficial if:

If you have racing cars

If you drive very sparingly and your car sits unused for an extended time

If you own collectible cars that are seldom driven any great distances

If you have to put your car in storage for a significant period of time

If your car is used on a regular basis for daily driving and don’t fall into any of the above categories, nitrogen may not be useful for you. At the same time, does no harm to your tires and if you’re interested, you can go ahead and fill your tires. If you don’t see any benefits, you can always go back to the free air.